Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

Dela Riverfront

Transforming the riverfront into a destination for the public

Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

“We try to organize events that invite the community to discover what is here and to teach them why it’s important to care about this space. With each new phase that gets built more people realize that they have this wonderful space in their backyard.”
Debi Richter, member,
Friends of Washington Avenue Green

Seeding CHANGE

Flowing alongside Philadelphia, the Delaware River offers a stretch of waterfront that was once dominated by industry. As the area transitions to residential and commercial uses, the Foundation is focused on reconnecting people to the waterfront, making increased public access a high priority. The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation recently completed its first significant projects: Race Street Pier opened in 2011 with dramatic views of the Ben Franklin Bridge; Washington Avenue Green and Pier opened in 2014 as an ecological park; and in 2015, Pennsport’s Pier 68 will welcome users as an active recreational pier.


Located in three very different neighborhoods, these pier parks will ultimately connect through a continuous, multi-use riverfront trail. As private development continues, these initial public space improvements will serve as important models that set the tone for high-quality public access and provide the opportunity to engage with the riverfront and all it has to offer.

Photo Credit R. Kennedy/VISIT PHILADELPHIA