Fleisher Art Memorial, Community Partnerships in the Arts Program


Art-making expands learning

Fleisher Art Memorial, Community Partnerships in the Arts Program

Seeding CHANGE

Since 1997, 5,290 students have participated in Community Partnerships in the Arts.

No matter the medium—drawing, ceramics, photography—art has the power to inspire. Fleisher Art Memorial—a century-old community arts organization in Bella Vista—was founded on this principle. What began with the idea of free classes for neighborhood children has become a place where anyone can be an artist. Fleisher extended this mission in 1997 with its Community Partnerships in the Arts program, which supports its belief that art enriches communities and stimulates creative and intellectual growth. The program pairs visual artists with classroom teachers. Together they develop creative projects that link school curricula with opportunities to teach art-making skills and techniques. The program has continued to expand, reaching hundreds of elementary, middle, and high school students each year.


Community Partnerships in the Arts sharpens teamwork skills, develops students as creative problem solvers, and introduces a broad range of art making—from sculpting and drawing to stop-motion animation and digital photography. Through this program, students become more engaged in classroom work and ultimately are more creative and innovative in multiple aspects of their learning.

Photo Credit Dominic Mercier