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Pre-K for PA

“Studies estimate that universal access to pre-k would provide $7 of benefit—in the form of savings on special education, remediation, and support services, and increased earnings—for every $1 invested.”
National Institute for Early Education Research, 2013

Seeding CHANGE

Without strong learning opportunities, children are at a disadvantage from the start—more likely to fall behind in reading early on and drop out of high school in later years. Yet 70 percent of 3- and 4-year-olds in Pennsylvania do not have access to high-quality early learning opportunities. To help level the playing field, the Pre-K for PA coalition, which represents civic, business, and child-focused organizations, is working to ensure that all Pennsylvania children enter school ready to learn. By informing citizens and community and business organizations across the state about the positive economic and school-readiness impacts of quality pre-k, the coalition has already contributed to some early success, including an increase in state funding for early childhood education.


At its best, early education can close literacy gaps, support school and career success, and even reduce the likelihood of future unemployment and incarceration. With the support of multiple funders, Pre-K for PA is making sure that all children can benefit from early educational opportunities. And, by collaborating in an ongoing evaluation, the coalition will contribute to a primer of best practices that organizations and funders can use to improve similar efforts nationwide.

Photo courtesy Pre-K for PA