Leadership & Staff

Members of the Corporation and Board of Directors

The William Penn Foundation is directed by a corporation composed of Haas family members and a board with family and public directors.


Thomas Haas, Chair
David Haas
Frederick R. Haas
Janet Haas, M.D.
Leonard Haas
William Haas

Board of Directors

Janet Haas, M.D., Chair
Leonard Haas, Vice Chair
Frederick R. Haas, Secretary
Judith Freyer
Andrew Haas
Christina Haas
David Haas
Thomas Haas Katherine Hanrahan
Donald Kimelman
Howard L. Meyers

Foundation Staff

Executive Director

Laura Sparks

Grantmaking Programs

Clare Billett, Program Officer, Watershed Protection
Nathan Boon, Program Officer, Watershed Protection
David Gould, Program Officer, R&D/New Initiatives
Anna Guarneri, Program Officer, Planning and Implementation
Peter Haas, Fellow
Tamika Holman, Grants Management Associate
Andrew Johnson, Program Director, Watershed Protection
Chris Kieran, Program Associate, Watershed Protection
Kerri Lee, Program Associate, Great Learning
James Liou, Program Officer, Great Learning
Shawn McCaney, Program Director, Creative Communities
Olive Mosier, Director, Arts Funding, Creative Communities
Hillary Murray, Program Associate, Creative Communities
Michele Perch, Program Associate, Watershed Protection
Rashanda Perryman, Program Officer, Great Learning
Barbara Scace, Director, Grants Management
Elliot Weinbaum, Program Director, Great Learning


Amy Chan, Director of Investments
Ariel Finegold, Investment Analyst
Tim Haas, Investment Analyst
MaDoe Htun, Chief Investment Officer
Jeffrey Jackman, Director of Investments
Dane Kline, Investment Analyst


Judy Baker, Human Resources Business Partner
Bruce Bergen, Director, Finance and Administration
Lauren Desiderio, Administrative Services Associate
Sherae Dinkins, Administrative Services Associate
Paola Meimaris, Administrative Support Specialist
Rebecca Morley, Director, Communications
Joanne Sabasino, Staff Accountant
Edward Wagner, IT Manager